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Our Strategy | HSHG
We are a global healthcare company with a mission to create community centred health & wellness. Empowering people and delivering long-term value all across that comes with a seamless experience. 

As a business, we have committed ourselves to remain an invested and willing partner in the entire healthcare and wellness journey of our customers. Our clinicians work closely with product managers alongside the development team and the patient group (customers) as we continue to strive to meet the needs of our valued customers for a curated, personalised, precise and preventative people-centric health and wellness ecosystem. 

Where you and your wellbeing matter the most

Harley Street Healthcare Group
Part of the global centre of excellence for integrated healthcare

A uniquely designed and well thought-out 360-degree integrative approach to wellness which helps both the physical and non-physical areas connect, allowing them to impact and influence one another, and, thus, create well-being that takes into consideration all aspects of a person’s life.

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A state of individual wellness that focuses on three key aspects of an individual’s journey, physical health, mental health and social wellbeing.

OUR PRODUCTS | All-Inclusive Medical Wellness
Unlimited access to health, wellness and medical services under the same roof
HARLEY of LONDON is taking the delivery of healthcare related services, that is focused on treating the sick from clinics and hospitals as they are today, directly to the community by offering personalised care, focused on proactive engagement and preventative health and wellness as a service through an integrated healthcare delivery approach. Designed and conceived over time by a group of clinicians and products managers for a great customer experience. 
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Executive Wellness Club
Personalised wellness programs are based on individual assessments

Harley Street Healthcare Group has created a unique personalised and proactive wellness program that focuses on individuals’ personal wellbeing including of physical health, mindfulness and mental health, social wellbeing, parenting support, work life balance support, emotional wellness as well as financial wellness, touching every aspects of people’s wellness.
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We offer more products for healthcare
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Products | HSHG

Reinventing the future of healthcare

Harley Street Healthcare Group connects people, science, and technology to solve problems and make better health possible. Our products has been developed by a group of passionate, caring and dedicated professionals with decades of experience in healthcare, wellness, longevity and age management. We bring together the best of modern medicine, state-of-the-art technological innovation and harness the resourcefulness of ancient healing systems. 

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HSHG team with the vision are spread around the globe, but work #together

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Premium Membership

You gain the entitlement to have access to all HSHG memberships and products by becoming an exclusive member. Essentially, HSHG's membership offerings are all exclusive, thus seats are limited. You will become an exclusive holder of our membership, which gives you special access to those limited offers.


Our headquarter is located in London, United Kingdom.


HSHG has clinics in Ottawa, Canada.


HSHG provide medical and wellness services in Balkans.


HSHG provide clinical services in multi locations in India.


HSHG is running medical and wellness programme service in Italy.

Other Countries
We continue expanding our product networks to other countries.